Division around Crypto

We are living times were some actors are trying to impose their truth. Like there is only one truth.

I understood Bitcoin long time ago, own Bitcoin and send tips here and there to people I barely know using not only the native Blockchain but the new attempts through the Lightning Network. I understand the risks and have a clear vision of this digital space that is unfolding unto us right now.

Yes, it is true that only Bitcoin is worth it, I get that and live knowing that, but I see it as electronic cash to pay instantly for products or services peer to peer, with no intermediary, completely decentralized. Other projects and chains offer an excellent launchpad for experimentation that we never had before and Bitcoin is a game of accumulation and payments, the only currency we should use, but for me as a programmer it is really interesting to explore other things that are emerging using cryptography.

Telling everyone that only Bitcoin matters does not help, it is like you insist that Lambos are the only worthy cars to drive and deny the functionality of regular cars, motorbikes, bicycles or even horses…

We need to state with clarity what Bitcoin is: electronic cash, no intermediaries and instant and immutable payments. The rest of the crypto space is just games, centralized things that we still may use to create other things.

Mixing Bitcoin with the altcoins is nonsense. I am creating my own way to distribute my wealth in the form of tokens, pegged to Bitcoin, and some people will tell me that it is useless, but I can do it in a very intuitive way and, more important, it is a private token, for family and friends, and I encourage them to move back to Bitcoin as fast as possible, using the platforms available right now. So here we create a bridge between Bitcoin and other chains, they are complementing it in a very creative and funny way. I take the opportunity to teach people about technology and the adoption of both will bring us a step forward in any case.

It is all about learning, understanding and contribution to the mass adoption of Bitcoin and its Blockchain after all.



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Cryptography enthusiast since 1993. Always checking the new technological advances that help us navigate through life in a more efficient way. Bitcoin.